Case for Philips PicoPix Max

I bought a case and some accessories for my Picopix MiniProjector – I am happy with it, the onlly thing I don’t know how to throw in are some better bluetooth-speakers.

The size of the box is about 26 x 21 (plus 1,5 cm for the handle) x 8,5 cm and good to store away or carry arround the PicoPix

The square foam is actualy not that good then you cut it like I did, but its ok for the moment. I have cut a flat pice as a protection underneath. In the future I may will add a compartment in the lid for the cables.

Here are Amazon-Partner-Links to some the products I bought (then you click the links and Buy it from Amazon I will receive a small amount for it, but you always free tobuy it somethere else)

Philips PicoPix Max Case closed Philips PicoPix Max Case Open Philips PicoPix Max Case Philips PicoPix Max Case with charger Philips PicoPix Max Case empty

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